A Twist in Time book coverA Twist in Time is a short and sweet speculative story for young readers. The protagonist, Cosy, is a likeable and believable girl, who is torn between her studious nature and love for her mother and her desire to fit in with her new foster siblings, Jade and Jemma. She struggles with the loss of her mother, who has been hospitalised due to mental illness, and with the stress of the academic demands of her new school, and finds a welcome distraction in the form of her very own ghost girl.

Because it’s written for young readers, A Twist in Time is a swift read, with not a lot of detail given. It touches a little upon wartime England, through Cosy’s interest in the ghost girl, Kathleen’s, era, and deals lightly with mental illness, but neither is given much depth. We see hints of the sad pasts and true natures of Jade and Jemma, but most of this is also left up to the reader to deduce.

A Twist in Time is a light read, with a lovely ending, but I was left feeling as though it could have been better than it was. The concept is very clever, but I would have liked to see Cosy and Kathleen connecting in a more mutual fashion and, perhaps, for there have to been a touch more action in what was quite a flat narrative. Still, it’s an interesting enough read, and I am sure that many young readers will find plenty to enjoy about it.