Graduation Day book coverI am a Sweet Valley girl rather than a Baby-sitters Club girl, but back in primary school, when the Baby-sitters Club books were first being released in Australia, I was still a very big fan. You used to be able to get the new one every few months in the Scholastic school book clubs, and I built up a small collection of the first dozen or so books due to this. That was around the time I got into Sweet Valley High, though, and I outgrew the Baby-sitters Club not long after I started reading them. Still, for that short period in time, there was that wonderful series of books that told primary school children that they could babysit tiny children and earn money – even though they were only tiny children themselves! Okay, so perhaps it wasn’t very realistic…

It’s a long time since I last made any concerted effort to read the Baby-sitters Club titles. I picked up Kristy’s Great Idea at a library book sale a couple of years back, and was quite disappointed upon re-reading it. And then I discovered this, the final ever book at another library book sale, and decided it would be good to see how everything concluded.

Unfortunately, as a conclusion, Graduation Day is rather underwhelming. In one sense, it’s nice that the characters are still true to their beginnings. In another, however, it feels like very little has changed since the first couple of dozen books, if not since the very beginning. It really seemed like the characters were still dealing with the same-old same-old problems and emotions and, although I could see that the time machine and multiple perspectives were intended as a tribute, to me it felt a little forced and bitty. All of the old club members were there, but ones like Dawn were barely present at all.

The thing that most irritated me about Graduation Day, however, were the fonts used to mimic handwriting. These were okay when they were legible, but a lot of the time, they weren’t! I didn’t read Jessi’s chapter at all, because the writing was just plain ridiculous, and had to skip a few others as well. Handwriting fonts are cute when they’re easy to read (like Dawn’s, for instance), but when they’re not, they’re frustrating and a waste of a reader’s time.

It’s sad that the Baby-sitters Club didn’t go out with greater fanfare than Graduation Day allowed. But everything has to come to an end eventually, and at least Kristy, Mary Anne, Claudia and Stacey were given a proper good-bye.