Night of the Werecat coverNight of the Werecat is a quick, easy read that conforms perfectly to the chapter story rule of having a cliffhanger at the end of every chapter. It’s amazing that Wendy, its protagonist, survived so many shocks to the system!

The writing here is of an appropriate level for the age group most likely to read the series and young cat lovers in particular will love the premise. Wendy is a little over the top when it comes to her cat obsession, but no more so than many primary school-aged children are with their own interests. (We won’t go into my horse obsession here…) The plot is a fun twist on the standard “cursed object” storyline and readers should enjoy the idea of werecats replacing werewolves. I do, however, question whether Wendy and her best friend are appropriately depicted as eleven and twelve-year-olds. They read as being several years younger, which would fit in nicely with the age group of the book’s audience.

A light read for children who enjoy paranormal elements without much true horror.