Revenge of the Shadow People book coverRevenge of the Shadow People is a fun story with an interesting premise – shadows that are really monsters! Young readers will enjoy the building tension as the shadows begin to stalk Vinny, becoming more and more threatening as the book progresses. Vinny and his best friend, Sharon, come up with a plan to keep the shadows away, but it is unsuccessful, with a result that will surprise readers.

Along with its enjoyable plot and premise, Revenge of the Shadow People boasts a cast of characters that is a lot more three-dimensional than the usual Fear Street fare. Sharon is particularly larger than life, and Vinny’s parents are well drawn, with their focus on Vinny’s toddler brother and obvious worry about Vinny once the shadow begins to take over his world.

This is definitely one of the better Ghosts of Fear Street books and the sinister shadows should be enjoyed greatly by young readers interested in a little monster horror.