I’ve been awfully bad at updating my blog this year, due to all manner of health issues taking up all of my physical and mental energy. For the same reason, it hasn’t been a great year for writing.

Pieces Completed in 2013:

  • Scrap Metal (approx 5k, science fiction/gothic horror) 
  • Ashes (approx 4k, dark fairy tale) 
  • Liberty (one act play, science fiction) 
  • Women’s Work (approx 5k, dystopian fiction) 
  • Breath (approx 2k, historical ghost story) 

Published in 2013:

  • Wound (flash, magic realism) 
  • The Silver Witch (flash, fantasy) 

Additional Sales in 2013:

  • Icarus (approx 5k, science fiction) – to Aurealis  
  • Breath (as above) – to Undertow (a print anthology of stories about the Gold Coast, due out in May 2014)  

I’ve also completed the first of two years working on my Master of Letters (Creative Writing). I’ve been very pleased with my marks and have enjoyed the process of looking at my own writing through a different, more academic lens. Next year, I’ll be working on the thesis aspect of the course, which means writing a longer piece and an accompanying longer exegesis.