Secrets book coverElizabeth Wakefield’s best friend, Enid Rollins, has a secret – a secret so great that she feels certain that her friends and boyfriend would never accept her if they knew about her past. With an old friend due to visit Sweet Valley, however, she is worried that her secret may soon be exposed. When Jessica stumbles across a letter that proves Enid isn’t all that she seems, Enid’s fears become reality and Liz finds her friendship is under threat.

Secrets is not one of my favourite Sweet Valley High novels. This is largely to do with the focus on Enid. I’ve never liked her, and my dislike has only grown over the years. For some reason, I always picture her lines being delivered in a whine. Jessica had much better taste when it came to choosing her close friends!

The other thing that really bothers me about this book is the casual way Enid’s friends talk about her clearly abusive relationship with Ronnie. He’s insanely jealous to the point of violence and “expects one hundred percent” of her attention, but Liz and Todd do little more than tut tut a little when Enid’s not around. Liz is supposed to be the good twin, but yet she stands by and lets her best friend’s boyfriend reduce Enid to a mess of fear and self-doubt. Not a good example to be setting for young readers.

The book is saved, however, by Jessica’s scheming. Isn’t it always the way? Her blatantly self-centred plan to ensure her victory as queen of the fall dance is pure Jessica. While Enid and Elizabeth angst, Jessica gets out there and destroys lives.

Not the best of the SVH novels, but definitely one of the shortest. And it has Bruce!