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September Reading

Another low-book month due to research commitments and overall exhaustion!

August Reading, 2021

I’ve been focusing on research other than books of late, and have been too exhausted to do much reading for pleasure, so there weren’t many books this month.

July Reading, 2021

My reading is still very much PhD-dominated at the moment, so apologies for the repetitive nature of my mini-reviews.

March Reading, 2021

Every so often I try to be a better reviewer, and shortly afterwards realise that my head really doesn’t work that way. I do want to talk about the things I’ve been reading, though, so I’m going to experiment with a monthly post that includes copies of the book-thoughts I post on Goodreads/Library Thing and perhaps a bit of extra commentary.  

March was a bit unusual for me, because I had surgery at the end of February and was therefore going through various stages of recovery during March. Because of this, I was mostly watching reality TV at the beginning of the month. That said, I did eventually do some reading, much of it PhD-focused.

My favourite fictional read this month was easily The Serpent’s Skin, by Erina Reddan—such a strong, original voice! As for non-fiction, I particularly enjoyed Prostitution and Victorian Society, by Judith R. Walkowitz, which combined thorough research and an engaging writing style.

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