Absolutely Normal Chaos book coverAbsolutely Normal Chaos is a lightly-styled novel, with a deeper message about family and belonging. Its protagonist, Mary Lou, has a strong voice, which is emphasised by the narrative being presented in the form of a journal. Her perspective is pleasantly flawed, and the reader views the other characters through her eyes. This is most obvious in the case of Carl Ray, who is represented in an ever-changing manner throughout the book.

Sharon Creech has a capable writing style and Absolutely Normal Chaos was an easy enough book to read and keep reading, but I’m afraid I came away from it with no real feelings about her universe or the events the characters were involved in. I didn’t care enough about any of the characters to feel any emotion for their disappointments and successes, which meant that I read the novel on a very surface level. I enjoyed the budding romance between Mary Lou and Alex in the opening stages of the novel, but quickly grew disinterested, and found a few aspects of the plot a little melodramatic.

There’s nothing really wrong with Absolutely Normal Chaos, but there also wasn’t anything in it that really grabbed me, either. A light summertime read for middle grade readers who like diary-style fiction and who don’t mind an over-abundance of double-barrel Christian names!