It’s the start of a new school year and a new senior class is about to take over at Glenwood High. Before the year begins in earnest, however, the senior group head to a lodge resort for an orientation camp – four days of hiking, swimming, making friends and starting romances. Gloria Larson is worried that her summer boyfriend will lose interest when he finds out who she really is, while Angie Maroni is trying to find her place at a school where her family’s reputation has tarnished her own. Will the camp provide the positive start they’re both looking for, or will the school year be ruined before it even truly begins?

When I was in my early teens, or perhaps even pre-teens, I adored the Seniors series, because they felt so deliciously naughty compared to Sweet Valley High. Sure, Sweet Valley had Bruce untying Jessica’s bikini strings, but Seniors had actual, proper sex. It was a bit like the first time you read Forever, after reading all of Judy Blume’s other books. It made me a little bit uncomfortable, sure, but that was nothing compared to the thrill of reading something that I was fairly certain my mother wouldn’t want me to be reading.

Old Enough, however, doesn’t star the Seniors characters I remember from my childhood. The focus is on a new senior class, with several of the old girls having cameos, presumably to keep the interest of the fans. Of the new cast, Angie was the only character who really appealed to me. Gloria is shallow, Lani is peculiar and Nancy didn’t seem to have a personality at all! As an introduction to a new series direction, it’s not a very good one.

That said, the plot isn’t bad. The Angie storyline is very reminiscent of the kind of plots favoured by the old Sweet Dreams series and the writing is fine for this type of book. Old Enough hasn’t put me off revisiting the Seniors characters I remember at a future point in time, but I’m not sure I’ll bother with further books starring this group.