Time Trap book coverThese books are just so much fun. I read the first book in the series, Code Crimson last month, and thoroughly enjoyed it, and Time Trap is even better. Because there’s no need to set up the situation, the book can launch right into the next adventure, which means that the same exciting momentum is maintained throughout. Anyone who missed the original will not be completely lost, however, as the two main characters, Arkie and TJ, sum up the vital points at the beginning of this instalment.

After heading to Egypt in Code Crimson, Arkie and TJ are off to ancient China in Time Trap. I hadn’t been expecting to enjoy the new location quite as much, but I was proven wrong, with the plot providing plenty of interest even without a pre-existing interest in China to build upon. What’s more, I felt like I actually learnt something, without it ever seeming like I was being taught. I really enjoy the way the Arkie Sparkle series presents its readers with snippets of information about the places that the girls visit – both in terms of their present and their history. The little facts at the end are particularly good, and just the sort of thing that is enjoyed by young readers.

Arkie and TJ are still very likeable characters, and the new characters introduced in Time Trap are well chosen, with the First Emperor and his Chief Advisor being worthy villains and the scholars Lu Sheng and Fu Su providing insight into life at that time. I really think the amazing technology that Arkie and TJ use is the real star of the series, however. The inventions are just so quirky and fun.

My only disappointment with Time Trap was the fact that the ending felt a little abrupt. I would have liked the danger to be a little more imminent, to add to the excitement. That’s a minor quibble, though. I really do enjoy this series, and would happily recommend it to all young readers.

(I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.)