Photo of Tara Calaby looking up at the camera. Tara has dark brown hair and is wearing dark grey glasses and a khaki shirt

I’m an English-Australian writer, editor and PhD candidate, currently living in West Gippsland with my wife. I have a Master of Letters in creative writing, a Master of Arts in ancient history, and am currently working towards a PhD in English at La Trobe University.

My debut historical novel, House of Longing, came out in June 2023 with Text Publishing and my speculative and historical short fiction has been published in many journals and anthologies.

My writing often involves queer and neurodiverse characters—even if this is not made explicit within the text. I think the Own Voices movement is extremely important and I personally write about sexuality, gender, autism, ADHD, mental health and physical disability from an own-voices perspective. However, I recognise that there are as many experiences of diversity as there are people who live under it, so I speak only for my own experience. I’m always happy to provide content warnings for my writing, so please feel free to contact me about that kind of thing!

As a reader, I enjoy most genres and styles of writing, but I am particularly drawn to nineteenth century English and French literature, as well as the classic authors and modern historical fiction writers. Some of my favourite authors include Jane Austen, Emile Zola, Ada Cambridge, Suetonius, Charlotte Brontë, Oscar Wilde, Emma Donoghue, Sarah Waters, and Ephiny Gale, while favourite books by other authors include Rebecca (Daphne du Maurier), The Woman in White (Wilkie Collins) and The Secret History (Donna Tartt).

The header image shows the cover of my novel House of Longing, designed by Imogen Stubbs. The photo on this page was taken by Ephiny Gale.